The Value of Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Now that the Internet is just about everywhere, social media offers an easy and affordable way to market yourself and your business. Nearly everyone is on social media these days, and if you present your business in an appealing way via social media accounts, you can generate tons of positive buzz, goodwill, sales, referrals and repeat customers. Here are some of the key ways to leverage the most powerful social media channels for your business:


The top banana of the social media world now has well over a billion users and climbing. These days, businesses can’t afford not to be on Facebook, and your social media marketing campaign just wouldn’t be complete without it. Make sure your FB page emulates the design/branding of your website (this should be true of all your social media home pages.) Post items that are attention-grabbing, cutting-edge, fun, interesting, and, most of all, provide value to the reader. Again, this should be true of all of your social media postings.


Twitter differs from Facebook, but is very potent in its own way. With a limit of just 120 characters per post, you’ll be forced to be concise — however, this can be a very good thing. Tweet your irresistible promotions, new products, links to compelling news items as well as your own words of wisdom. Tweets can alert your readership about new Facebook posts as well. Pair your Twitter platform with an Instagram account for tweeting out cool photos related to your business.


LinkedIn should also be a part of your arsenal of social media tools. While in some ways it’s more of a “B2B” solution, its value is in the fact that you can make contact with new customers and other businesses as well as new vendors, suppliers, peers, new employees, partners and senior staff. Connecting with competitors can prove valuable in terms of learning from/about them, seeing how they’re marketing and even getting ideas for your own new products and funding sources.


While this one is optional, a YouTube account can also enhance your social media marketing presence. Creating videos related to your company, products and services can be a powerful way of personalizing yourself to the public. A well-done, relatable video about a valued employee, the inner workings of your company or just a fun, off the cuff, moment all have the potential to “go viral” and generate lots of traffic to your website. You can also post interview and webinar recordings.

Social media marketing gold is there for the taking, and these are just a few ideas to get you started.

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