Information Technology


Information Technology Solutions

Alliant Keystone’s Information Technology solutions allow you to remain flexible enough to adapt to company changes, increase or decrease production quickly, and reduce overall staffing costs with ease. Competent IT professionals can be difficult to find, but we have an existing pool of proven talent that can give you access to superior expertise and increased productivity.

Cost Control

Allow Alliant Keystone to absorb the costs for recruiting and employing staff members, and enjoy lower labor costs on your end. We take care of payroll deductions and taxes, withholding, drug screening, benefits and workman’s compensation, allowing you to maintain focus on important company objectives.

Risk Management

We can help you manage and reduce the risks your company incurs as a result of working with independent consultants or hiring employees directly. Less company liability translates into more efficient and streamlined productivity.

Workforce Productivity

Keep your employees productive by outsourcing your project needs to an Information Technology company well versed in handling all the aspects of employing personnel. At Alliant Keystone, we can give your department the ability to stay focused on corporate tasks and maximize workforce production.

Reduced Overtime Work

Overworking your full time staff can not only lead to substantially increased labor costs, but can also have a negative affect on employees. Improve employee productivity and reduce burnout by working with a Information Technology company to provide additional help only when you need it.


Hiring additional employees to meet the needs of specialized projects may work well for your department in the short term, but you may be left with employees that no longer fit the company’s needs when the project is completed. Working with an Information Technology company will afford you the flexibility needed to meet project deadlines without long term commitment.