5 Ways to Motivate Your Employees

you can try these out Motivation in the workplace begins and ends with employees being happy to come to work each day. Building a motivated team takes patience, practice, and a little psychological warfare but it’s worth it.

Motivate by identifying different personality types:

dilantin prescription There are four main categories of personality types that every employer should be familiar with. Each personality type is motivated in different ways. As an employer, the most important key to motivating your employees is understanding what drives them as individuals.

  • Type A: Very independent, competitive, positive, and self motivated. These are your top sales people. Let them do their own thing.
  • Type B: Patient, handles stress well, flexible, and doesn’t complain. These employees are likeable but don’t do well with deadlines.
  • Type C: Very systematic, analytical, introverted, and highly sensitive. These are your problem solvers. Easy with the criticism.
  • Type D: Irritable, a worrier, stressed, and likes routine. These employees likes direct commands.

Motivate by focusing on strengths:

Many employers focus on employee’s weaknesses in order to improve them. This is backward thinking. To truly motivate others, you should focus on their strengths and work on building those qualities. This creates an environment where employees feel they excel, and that equates to a cheerful and motivated person.

Motivate by rewarding passion and skill:

If you have an employee who shows passion for their work, reward that passion and skill. That passionate person will thrive on recognition and light a spark in the office. Positivity, just like negativity, has a trickle down effect. It will eventually reach even your type D personalities. True passion is infectious.

Motivate by expecting the best:

As an employer, you have certain expectations from your employees and you should tell them so. Psychologically speaking, this is much like a parent saying, “I expect you to do your best because you are the best.” Lay your expectations on the table and don’t be shy about it. Your employees won’t want to disappoint you if you go about it in a positive manner.

Motivate by building trust:

Many employers use write-ups, suspension, and job loss as a form of motivation levitra generico prezzo. Normally, this simply causes panic and pent up hostility. Build trust with your employees by having an open door policy. Employees that feel vital to the company and secure in their jobs want to do their best. Make your employees feel that they are the heart of the company.

Creating a motivated team of employees starts with you. Lead by example, and show your employees why motivation and success go hand in hand.

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