The Role of Human Resource Management

The primary goal of Human Resource Management is to avoid any office space confusion by creating one method to be used when hiring, and training, new employees. A strong Human Resource Management team is able to make the work environment better by monitoring the performance of employees and their supervisors.

“Maximize the productivity of an organization by optimizing the effectiveness of its employees while simultaneously improving the work life of employees.”

When properly organized, Human Resource Management makes employees feel as though they are valued by the company.

In order to save time and increase the chances of hiring only employees that will add to the company, Human Resource Management relies on recruiters to screen potential employees. These recruiters have a working relationship with the company and its Human Resource Management team; recruiters are able to recognize which employees will suit a work environment and send them to the company for further on the job training. This form of hiring helps save a company money by removing the need for extensive interviews and hiring campaigns.

Not only does the use of recruitment agencies save a company money by reducing the job duties of staff members, it also helps increase the companies profits. A company that relies on a recruitment specialist is less likely to spend time firing and replacing new employees. The reduced amount of money spent paying employees who will not help the company long term will ultimately save a company almost 50% of their annual recruitment budget.

When consider the benefits of Human Resource management, it is important to keep the size of the company in mind. The majority of studies performed on the benefits of Human Resource Management have focused on larger corporations. These companies have the largest impact on employment rates, and therefore their trends are more closely followed. Smaller companies with fewer employees often benefit from managing recruitment in house through their Human Resource Management office.

Even when Human Resource Management is responsible for hiring and screening all new employees, it is still possible for them to save money. There are many software programs that allow companies to quickly create and store applications and the results of pre-employment screenings. A company can post job opening on free or inexpensive job websites, send potential candidates to an online application, and screen the results at their convenience.

The use of an effective, highly trained group of Human Resource Management specialists can simplify a company’s hiring methods. It can also influence how effectively staff members hired by Human Resources are trained and integrated into the work force. Human Resource Management can also help increase a companies worth, while avoiding disputes between employees and management that could cost the company money. Using a Human Resource Management department will help build a company’s public profile, and can undo the damages of negative publicity. Ultimately, companies that promote and support their Human Resource departments help build the careers of their employees and the future of their business.

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