Quality Assurance Program

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Alliant Keystone Consulting Partners’ Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) will be designed and tailored specifically for each task order. It will be used as a guide to ensure the highest quality of work is performed during execution of the contract. The QAP will detail the following activities which will ensure overall quality of the work performed:

  • Assigning, tracking and performing Quality Control on the products and deliverables
  • Self-assessment methodology for evaluating production efficiency
  • Plan of action to ensure all personnel meet production standards and that output meets or exceeds those standards cialis generika kaufen

Quality Control is a continuous process and not an “add-on” requirement. The QAP will be revised or modified as circumstances warrant throughout the contract period to ensure the highest level of quality control standards are maintained or improved. Any changes to the QAP will be reviewed and accepted by the CO/COR and Government prior to implementation by Alliant Keystone.

Quality Assurance promotes the delivery of reliable, complete and accurate work products by minimizing the transmission of errors through Quality Planning, Quality Control, and Quality Improvement processes. Alliant Keystone’s approach to providing Quality Assurance establishes quality controls during the entire lifecycle of a task.