References can help land your Dream Career

accutane canada 2017 Selecting the right reference for an upcoming job interview may sound simple, but requires a bit of thought. Although a close friend may in fact be a great reference, you typically don’t pick professional references from a group of close friends. You choose someone who can give your work and ethics a fair and positive […]

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Are you ready for an IT security career?

Discover the secrets of landing a job in IT security. The next move is on you because the jobs are out there in abundance. What’s missing are the qualified candidates and it’s becoming a serious issue. According to industry giant Cisco, there will be will be a deficit of a million plus IT security professionals […]

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Bullet Proof your Resume

Employers are bombarded by resumes every time they post a new position. Companies have turned to a type of software called an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to manage the sheer volume of resumes they receive from candidates. Having used Applicant Tracking Systems for many years I have developed some tips to increase an applicant’s chance […]

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