Are you ready for an IT security career?

Discover the secrets of landing a job in IT security. The next move is on you because the jobs are out there in abundance. What’s missing are the qualified candidates and it’s becoming a serious issue. According to industry giant Cisco, there will be will be a deficit of a million plus IT security professionals across the globe in 2014. Clearly a red flag for security.

In their annual security report, Cisco reveals a startling increase in threats designed to compromise systems, applications, personal networks and individual users. Enterprise isn’t the only entity on top of this scene. Hackers are quite aware of the situation with plans in place to compromise and exploit this weakness.

Job Interview Preparation

During an IT job interview with a hiring manager, you’ll be expected to effectively communicate the CIA triad which is the process of in-depth defense. Additionally, you will also have to clearly explain the detailed process that you would follow if you were assigned to secure an application or a system that appears compromised.

For example, if you suspect that one or more server is compromised based on your initial assessment, accept the fact that it has happened. Explain to the hiring manager that the affected systems should be disconnected from the Internet to stop the attack from continuing. Unplug the network cables if that is your only recourse.

Explain how and why you would:

  1. Check all of the other systems giving attention to Internet facing services, and all financial or sensitive data.
  2. Make it a point to change all passwords for all accounts on every single computer on the same network.
  3. Contact the individual responsible for data protection, and strongly recommend full disclosure to clients, customers, and third-party vendors for issues on a system that holds personal data.
  4. Not allow the affected system to be put back online until this first stage is fully complete and secure.

This is a brief example to give you an overview. During the interview you should convey the message that you are able to present meaningful technical information in detail. It’s important to have a comfortable grasp of the basic information security concepts,

If you really have your mind set on an information security position, certification is extremely important. You can take advantage of Microsoft’s free IT seminars, training, and IT exam vouchers. More on free certification courses plus a free CCNA Workbook.

Good luck on your journey! Enterprise needs your talents.


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